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The Science Of Sound


kevlar driver speaker

KEVLAR Drivers

Many of our speakers use Kevlar woven fiber woofers. Kevlar drivers provide extremely accurate bass and midrange response. The strength of Kevlar helps the cone retain its shape at very high energy levels and its low mass assures quick, accurate response. Our cone's woven surface design delivers smooth, uncolored mids. Kevlar does not break down and will not rip like paper and will not have the severe ringing of aluminum drivers.


butyl rubber surround

Butyl Rubber Surrounds

All of our drivers contain surrounds made of butyl rubber. Butyl rubber maintains consistent flexibility for 30 to 50 years minimum resulting in extra long speaker life and no change in the tonal quality of a speaker over its life . The speaker will sound the same ten years from now as it does today. Many inferior speakers are still using Polyester based foam material which begins drying and breaking down almost immediately. The tonal quality of the speakers change substantially as the foam initially becomes flexible and then stiffens. Eventually the foam breaks down and literally turns to dust. Although some newer foam formulas may last up to ten years before complete breakdown, recently some speaker manufacturers have returned to using a foam formula from the early eighties which may have a planned obsolescence of 5 to 7 years. The use of certain foams in speakers is highly unethical. Since it is impossible for a purchaser to determine the foam formula used in a loudspeaker, and this practice appears to be growing, a prudent buyer should avoid foam based speakers at all costs.

phase plug speakers

Phase Plug Technology

Due to the shape of the conventional loudspeaker cone, the higher frequency sound waves tend to collide at a focal point. This causes phase distortion and a loss in clarity.  As a result, accuracy and transparency suffer. This also has detrimental effects on the realism of the sound environments created by today's high fidelity digital audio and surround sound systems. The phase plug improves
driver performance and clarity by deflecting delicate midrange audio out into the sound space and minimizing distortion producing collision.  The installation of the phase plug in a driver also reduces the driver mass to create a more responsive speaker with more airflow around the voice coil which improves cooling allowing for better power handling.

pivot tweeter for loudspeaker

Soft Dome Tweeters

TetoronĀ® Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeters
TetoronĀ® soft dome tweeters deliver natural, uncolored high frequency audio evenly over a wide dispersion pattern. Ferro Fluid is used in the voice coil gap to lubricate and cool it. This significantly increases power handling and improves transient response.

Although bass frequency  is non-directional , High frequencies are  directional. The pivoting feature allows the already wide dispersion  of a soft dome tweeter to  be aimed directly at the central seating/listening area delivering a seamless, transparent and coherent sound space.

crossover graph


The audio signal supplied from your amplifier is full range and contains low, mid and high frequencies. The purpose the crossover is to split the incoming signal and direct the signals to the appropriate drivers. High frequency is sent  to the tweeters and low frequency to the woofers.  Generally signals are split at approximately 3000 HZ  for two way speakers.  The crossover is built into the speaker and must be designed and tuned specifically for each speaker.  Properly designed crossovers are critical for any speaker as they determine the distinct sound properties of a speaker. Additionally substandard or underrated crossover components are common causes of premature speaker failure.

dual voice coil single point stereo

Dual Voice Coil /Single Stereo Speakers

Generally speakers are separated into left and right stereo. In certain circumstances or installations two separate speakers are not desired or possible. A Dual Voice Coil/Single Stereo Speaker is fed from both left and right channels.  Typical locations which benefit from dual voice coil speakers are bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, walk in closets and dining rooms.